BArts Festival pre-sale ticket Terms & Conditions 2022

The possession of a ticket shall constitute an acceptance by the holder of the terms, conditions and advice detailed below and imply an undertaking on the part of the holder to observe them.

WARNING: it is possible that exposure to loud music may cause damage to hearing. Special effects may be used at this event including strobe lighting, lasers and pyrotechnics. 

CCTV images will be monitored for public safety and the prevention of crime.

  • These conditions are to be read together with all other statements and directives, either shown on the ticket or displayed at the festival.   
  •  In the event of a breach of this contract by the supplier, the supplier shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense arising due to the breach, which was not reasonably foreseeable by the supplier at the date of this contract.   
  • BArts reserves the right to refuse admission to the ticket holder, if in the reasonable opinion of the promoter, or their representative, admission of the holder might be a risk to the safety of the audience or the holder, or affect the enjoyment of the audience and the running of the festival.  All persons entering the festival site may be searched as a condition of entry. Strictly NO illegal substances or Psychoactive Substances will be permitted onto the site, in accordance with the Psychoactive Substances Act April 2016. Possession of either may lead to your ejection from the festival and possible prosecution.
  • Sleeping in vehicles is NOT permitted in the car park. BBQs, or any form of cooking are NOT allowed on the recreation ground or car park due to fire regulations.
  • We strongly advise that for your own safety you do not camp or park in unofficial sites.
  • Ticket holders and children maybe asked to exchange their ticket for a wristband or stamp, on arrival, this wristband must be worn at all times for the duration of the event and must not be exchanged or sold to personnel other than the original ticket holder.
  • No alcohol is permitted to be taken into the arena and the only containers permitted shall carry non-alcoholic liquid in plastic (or similar) containers of not more than 500ml.
  • No food is allowed to be brought into the festival unless essential for babies, children or specific dietry requirement.  No picnics, snacks etc.
  • Private sound systems, illegal substances, psychoactive substances, glass, fireworks, laser pens or any other items which the organisers deem unsuitable or inappropriate, will not be permitted into the festival site.
  • Please respect the site and use the bins provided.
  • If you have any disabled access requirements please email:  Access to facilities is subject to availability and not guaranteed.
  • Persons lost in the arena should report to the St John’s Ambulance/Admin Point.
  • No animals will be admitted to the site other than well behaved and assistance dogs.
  • Barts Festival is suitable for young children, under 5 and toddlers.  All under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.
  • If you look under 25 please do not be offended if we ask you for proof of age when you buy alcohol, please bring suitable ID.  BArts Festival operates the ‘Challenge 25’ policy.
  • Strictly no trading is allowed inside the festival site without written permission from Barts Festival.
  • No audio or video recorders, professional photographic equipment or laser pens will be permitted to the festival.
  • Whilst every effort is made to ensure the full, advertised bill performs this ticket is for an event and not a specific artist/band.  Barts Festival reserves the right to change the bill or running times without prior notice.
  • Tickets are non-refundable.  In the event of cancellation of the festival by BArts festival, the responsibility for refund is limited to the face value of the ticket only. But does not include any purchase and refund admin/transaction fees incurred.
  • Under no circumstances will duplicate tickets be issued for lost tickets etc. Please keep your ticket safe.
  • Attendees consent to the photography, filming/sound recording asmembers of the audience, which may be used for promotional or commercial activities.
  • Tickets are security printed; please keep them dry, if you get them wet they may be invalidated.
  • Tickets remain the property of the Promoter until payment is received in full. Resale of any ticket is prohibited without the express permission of BArts Festival. You may not re-sell or transfer any ticket as a business.  You are deemed to be selling or transferring in the course of business where we reasonably believe you to be doing so. It is strictly prohibited to attempt to re-sell any ticket within the festival site under any circumstances.
  • No tickets may be used for competitions or promotions without written permission from BArts Festival. 
  • Any vehicles not cleared of the site by 6pm on Sunday 17th July may be towed away.
  • Please note there are restricted capacities at stages and attractions either within the main marquee or similar structure. Once they reach the maximum capacities there will be no further admissions.  You are not guaranteed admission to these areas.
  •  It is against the law to smoke in enclosed spaces, please observe the signage around the festival site.
  • The organisers reserve the right to implement any restrictions/conditions deemed necessary before and during the event to ensure the safe management of the festival site.
  • Amplified sound and strobe lighting will be used at this event.
  • The promoters reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of entry into BArts Festival in accordance with any new laws, legislation or internal company policies.
  • BArts Festival accepts no responsibility for the supervision of children (babies, toddlers and youths) on the festival site.  Children are to be supervised by parents or legal guardians at all times.  Festival staff are only in attendance to ensure the safe and appropriate use of the attractions.  
  • Parents will be required to provide a point of contact telephone number to be written on their children’s ‘safeguarding bracelet’.  Children without a safeguarding bracelet will not be allowed into the festival.
  • Children that go missing or are lost, should be reported to a Festival Steward who will arrange for appropriate action to be initiated by the security and command team.  The Festivals ‘Children’s Safeguarding Lead’ is located at the St John’s Ambulance/BArts admin point.